14 Best Portable Stair Climbing Wheelchair- [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Read This Ultimate Guide On Stair Climbing Wheelchair & Find Out Which One Is Best As Per Your Requirement.

After a lot of research and comparisons, we are convinced that the MJ-Brand Electric Stair Climbing Chair is the Best Stair Climbing Wheelchair one can get. 

But as there is no one best product for everyone, everyone has different needs and wants. Therefore we have also mentioned some of the other best stair climbers of different categories be it electric stair climbing wheelchair or manual stair climbing wheelchair.

A Stair climbing wheelchair the magical stair machine is one of the best inventions of the 21st century. It is also known as a wheelchair stair climber meaning a wheelchair that climbs stairs.

But they can be a little costlier and many people wonder How to make a stair climbing wheelchair at home.

Also buying a stair climber for the first time can be a little confusing if you don’t know much about it.

So, here in this post, we have presented you with everything one needs to know about a stair climbing wheelchair. From its different types to how it works and we have also suggested some of the best-branded stair climbers after doing a lot of research for you, so you don’t have to.

So without further ado, we present you the ultimate guide on stair climbing wheelchairs.

Best Stair Climbing Wheelchair

14 Best Stair Climbing Wheelchairs

#1 XINTONGDA Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair

On top of the list is the XINTONGDA Electric stair climbing wheelchair.

It has a user-friendly design that is suitable for people of all ages. It helps the user with at most comfort by helping them adjust the height of the armrest, and with easy rotation and resting while sitting.

It comes with easy folding which saves a lot of space, all you need to do is pull the cushion up and fold it up. It is also very feasible for traveling purposes, just fold it and put it in the trunk of the car.

It is also very safe and convenient as it allows for easy transportation and storage.

This Power Wheelchair by Xintongda is known for its unique design specially for its half-folding back and detachable batteries. You can easily disassemble the wheelchair and fold it according to your needs.

This electric stair chair has removable cushions which makes it easy for cleaning purposes on top of that it comes with handles for easy moving by a walking person.

Xintongda is also known for its quality material and durability, so you need not worry about the quality you will get in this wheelchair.

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Easy rotation and controls
  • Removable cushions
  • Weight is around 40Kgs which is a very little
  • Made from durable, lightweight steel
  • Detachable batteries that are very easy to charge
  • Not many reviews on Amazon

#2 XJZHAN Intelligent Electric Climbing Wheelchair Chairs

Second, on the list is this Intelligent Electric climbing wheelchair.

This wheelchair has a wear-resistant universal wheel attached to it with anti-road bumps for comfortable travel. Its bearing decompression design makes it very easy for the user to use this wheelchair for day-to-day purposes.

It comes with special intimate turn signals like front and rear turn signals with go-to safety tips, which makes your use very easy and safe.

The feet area in this wheelchair is made very carefully, it has breathable honeycomb fabric to secure the feet for easy movement up and down the stairs.  

To add more protection it has an anti-rolling belt, which prevents you from leaning forward if you lose control by any chance. On top of that, it has an anti-dumping rear wheel, anti-uphill and backward, flat and hard.

It also has easily accessible brakes on each of the left and right doors to stop or lock for more protection.

All in all, it is a completely perfect chair for staircase that can be used for many purposes too.

  • Has an anti-rolling belt
  • Comes with an easy lockable set of brakes
  • Contains high power lithium battery
  • Comfortable backrest and leg support
  • Rear anti-dumping pulleys for easy travels
  • It weighs around 75kgs which can be a little heavy for some people

#3 SISHUINIANHUA Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair-Four-Wheeled Travel Tool

This four-wheeled wheelchair is a complete package when it comes to the functions it can perform. It has so many different types of modes like soothing climbing mode, effectively slowing down vibration for making its user’s life easy and comfortable.

The Safety brakes present in the chair enable its user to drive to the edge of the pedal without any fear as it has automatic braking which ensures extra safety while climbing stairs.

It comes with a modular design meaning it can be assembled and disassembled very quickly and is easy to store in the car, trunk, or any other space.

This wheelchair is made especially for stair uses and is suitable for all types of stairs like wooden, carpet, metal, and even for stone and spiral staircases.

If we look into the design of the wheelchair it has a wide wheel design of about 250mm, the height of 75mm which makes the outdoor movement in this wheelchair very convenient and easy.

The maximum weight that this chair can carry is around 160 kg.

  • Easily chargeable
  • Comes with emergency brakes
  • Compatible for any of kind surface
  • Easily adjustable building speed of about 8-23 steps/minute
  • Wide wheel design
  • Has a maximum load capacity of 160 kg
  • None

#4 MJ-Brand Electric Stairs Climbing Wheelchair

The MJ Brand electric wheelchairs are one of the widely used wheelchairs out there, especially this one which is powered by a new 500W brushless silent hub motor with a 6A high-density lithium battery which helps with higher conversion efficiency.

With only 3 hours of charging it can easily drive 12-15km nonstop and has a maximum climbing angle of 20° which makes it easy for climbing up and down the stairs.

The dual-controller present in this wheelchair of which the front one is a 360° joystick, waterproof, and an anti-electromagnetic controller.

It can be connected to the phone and functions in real-time via Bluetooth, it also has LCD which display speed and power at all time, whereas the back controller is a paddle controller that is easy for the caregiver to operate.

A complicated as the functions sound it is much simpler to Operate this. The innovative joystick design and an updated electric magnetic braking system give the user superior motion control and help with the quick stoppage.

It also has an adjustable anti-leaning rear design which keeps it perfectly stable.

  • Ultra-lightweight: It weighs only 20.5 kg
  • Pneumatic tires in front and rear wheels for an easy ride
  • Multi-function LCD display controller
  • Additional controllers at the back for easy care
  • One-click folding for easy access
  • The armrest can be opened 90° upwards, which is very comfortable
  • The backrest contains a large storage bag
  • Needs 3 hours to fully charge

#5 YIQIFEI Folding Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair Lightweight

Next on the list is this lightweight foldable electric stair climbing wheelchair from YIQIFEI.

This wheelchair is specially designed for staircase use: Ideal for transporting its user up and down the stairs.

This stair chair has anti-slip tracks for a stable move which makes it very easy for one to operate, the rear handles for steering, adjustable lift bar, and front handles makes this wheelchair a complete package.

You will be surprised that its lightweight smart wheelchair is made of sturdy aluminum which makes it very strong and can easily hold up to 160kg or 355lbs for regular use.

The evacuation chair feature and user-friendly ergonomics design with the easy lifting armrest make it very comfortable for its user to sit on it for a longer period of time.

As big as the wheelchair sounds with all these functions it is very user-friendly when it comes to storage. The compact folding of rubberized tracks and footrest allows it to be in a very small space.

As said before it is specially designed for assisting people with the movement on stairs, this wheelchair can be easily operated on all types of surfaces be it carpet, wood, metal, or concrete.

  • Takes only one person to operate
  • Comes with two seat belts to ensure extra safety
  • Climbing Speed is 0.8 m/s which can be a little slow

#6 CCAN Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair

This electric wheelchair is suitable for people of all ages and can be used for multiple purposes including moving up and down the stairs. It comes with an adjustable armrest and can also rotate and rest while sitting.

It is a very small chair when it comes to the storage of this wheelchair it is easily folded and saves a lot of space all you need to do is pull the cushion up and fold it.

This stair climbing Power Wheelchair has been specially designed with a half-folding back and detachable batteries which makes it very convenient for transportation and storage.

Excellent material: It is mainly made of steel which is very durable.

  • It has a Motor power of 200W which is a lot
  • It weighs only 42 Kg
  • Can carry up to 160kg
  • Not a lot of extra functions are present if compared with the rest of the wheelchairs on the list

#7 MJ-Brand Four-wheeled Electric Climbing Wheelchair

Another one on the list from the MJ Brand is this fantastic-looking four-wheeled multi-use wheelchair. This is one of the best-looking wheelchairs and the lightest wheelchairs you will ever come across.

This Portable power wheelchair is very lightweight mainly because of the use of a frame of aluminum alloy in air quality.

This portable wheelchair takes a very small space as it can be folded and open in just 2 seconds and is very compact for installation in a small place or trunk.

It can move at a speed of up to 6 miles/hour. And has a lot of space 18 between the armrests.

This chair can carry users up to 360 lbs.

It has a powerful motor of 250 W Anti with larger rear tires of exactly 15.75 inches, which is perfect. Its connector is connected to the joystick and is very simple to use.

If you plan to travel be it via a vehicle or by plane it is much easier and safer with this wheelchair with its high powered battery, you can easily move up to 12 miles distance with a one-time charge, on addition to that, it has second battery storage which can be charged separately or together and used.

  • Very lightweight
  • Folded and Unfolded in just 2 seconds
  • Max Carry weight upto 360 lbs
  • Best For Travel Purposes
  • Has a Second Battery Storage
  • None

#8 FLJMR Stair Lifts Electric Wheelchairs

We have covered a lot of heavy-duty stair climbing wheelchairs till now; let’s dive into some of the lightest and easy-to-use wheelchairs. Of which first on the list is this FLJMR stair lift chair.

By the looks of this wheelchair, you might not be able to guess the features it provides.

This Stair Chair is beautifully designed for comfortable and safe sitting while avoiding tail vertebrae deformation. The handrail in this chair can be adjusted to the height of up to 90cm and can be stretched forward up to 90°.

It has two walking motors’ power of 250W each and an additional climbing motors power of 250W.  The lithium battery present in this wheelchair can be easily removed and is very easy to charge.

Once it is fully charged this power chair can climb more than 800 steps or flat walk 20 kilometers without stopping.

The easy and fast folding of this stair lifting makes it extremely convenient to carry and store in any place be it indoor or outdoor. The body of this wheelchair is made of aluminum alloy which is tough and durable, enough to hold up to 160kg.

The most important feature of this chair is the anti-skid track for easy and smooth movement along the stairs. The height of the lifting lever can also be adjustable easily according to your need.

All in total this powered wheelchair is one of the best multi-purpose wheelchairs and can be used for a manual, electric, temporary stretcher, stair climbing, and anti-overturn.

  • Easy 360-degree rotation chair
  • Have 5 different speeds
  • The person helping just need to push the button of “up” or “down” for movement along the stairs
  • Chair Weighs only 42kg
  • Load Weighs up to 160kg
  • Has LED Display
  • One caregiver is always needed to climb stairs

#9 FGVDJ Portable Folding Stair Chair

Next one on the list is from the brand FGVDJ. If you are looking for an easy-to-use wheelchair that goes up and down stairs easily then this one is for you.

This is not just a wheelchair; it has a lot of uses and can be used as an evacuation chair, a stair chair, and as a stretcher too.

The moving speed of the wheels can be adjusted, and a speed can be selected as per the comfort of the user.

Can be used in any place be it homes, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

The armrests on both sides can be flipped up and down as per the comfort of the user, and getting on and off the wheelchair is also very easy.

It comes with a safety belt attached to it for preventing any accident during movement.

Very easy to use and can be learned to operate by anyone in a short period of time.

  • Easy speed alteration
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Very affordable if compared with the rest
  • All dimensions are manually measured, there might be some errors.
  • Might not be as comfortable as the rest of the high pried wheelchairs

#10 MJ Portable Folding Up And Down Stair chair

10th on the list is this latest upgraded electric climbing chair wheelchair made of Aluminum, alloy, and carbon steel frame.

Various characteristics that it offers include strong impact resistance, lightweight, stability, easy to use, durable and safe with just one button special feature for up and down stair movement.

It is one of the lightest and small wheelchairs best suited for kids’ use. It can be easily foldable and controlled by just one person.

This chair is specially designed for climbing purposes with its one-button climbing mode effectively slowing down the vibration, making the person on the wheelchair more comfortable.

It also comes with fast charging and can be charged up to 800 times with one-time charges to be used for at least 80 stair climbing with an average speed of 0.8m/s.

  • The net weight of this wheelchair is only 30 kg(66.1 lb)
  • Carry weight is 180 kg
  • Very durable
  • Mainly for stair uses
  • Working life is said to be 3-5 years which can be more

#11 YIQIFEI Automatic Lightweight Electric Stair Climbing Stretcher

Next on the list is this automatic stair climbing wheelchair/stretcher by YIQIFEO.

The chair is designed Ideally for transporting patients up and downstairs with anti-slip tracks for stable move the steering can be easily handled from the back with an adjustable lift bar as per the comfort of the user.

As light as the wheelchair weighs it is strong enough to carry people with weight up to 160kg/354lbs mainly because of the sturdy aluminum.

This automatic stretcher chair is user-friendly, designed for at most comfortable with its easy lifting armrest.

The compact folding of its rubberized track handles, and footrest allows it to store in a small space.

It’s a two-man lift chair but can be easily moved on all types of surfaces, carpet, wood, metal, and concrete.

  • Best for high-rise buildings up and downstairs
  • Can be operated by one person only
  • Comes with two seat belts to ensure extra safety
  • None

#12 MJ-Brand Electric Stair Climbing Chair

Another one on the list is from MJ Brand, we can’t help but add more and more of this brand to our list as they are one of the best chair for staircase in the market.

This wheelchair is for you if you want something in lightweight, flexible with one button seat folding feature.

It is easy to use, no need to worry about movement anymore, it is suitable for all stairs, such as wood, stone, metal, carpet, and spiral stairs.

This chair also has a safety brake just like other wheelchairs from the MJ Brand. The break is automatic and does not take any time to stop.

This electric wheelchair can be easily assembled and disassembled and stored in any place easily.

The functioning of this wheelchair is also very smooth, effectively slowing down vibrations, and making the user more comfortable.

If you are someone with special needs like cerebral palsy, autism, and other disorders. This wheelchair aims to optimize independence, mobility, comfort, and safety at all places.

This wheelchair is the best stair climbing wheelchair for the elderly, disabled, and for those who want full autonomy.

  • Equipment weighs only 30kg
  • Speed while climbing building is around 8m / min and while on flat surface can be more than 6Km / h
  • Comes with a headrest cushion which can be detachable and adjustable as per the need
  • Can be electrically controlled by oneself and hand push by a helper too
  • None

#13 LINE2design Stair Chair for Patient Transfer

If you are only looking for a low-priced cheap stair climbing wheelchair that will help you or your loved one up and down the stairs, then this chair is for you.

The wheelchair is specially designed for people looking for easy stair movements.

It is built with standard aluminum metal for increased metal wall thickness and stainless steel hardware to limit rust and corrosion.

This chair has an easy set-up with molded hand grips and Folds compactly for efficient storage.

It has head-end and foot-end lift handles for helping stair movements. Have brakes on both the rear wheels.

The heavy-Duty tubular welded frame is welded together at all attachment points for increased strength and durability frame with Padded and contoured rear bar helps the operator control the wheelchair.

  • Very affordable
  • Has 2 Heavy-Duty Cross-Body Safety Restraint
  • Non-Slip Grips on Front and Rear Handles
  • Very lightweight: Weight only 22 lbs
  • Can’t be controlled by only one person
  • Need a lot of effort by the helper to carry the user
  • Only for Stair climbing use, can’t be used for other purposes

#14 Fabio Indoor and Outdoor Stair Lift

The FBO-B-08 by Fabio is a multi-functional indoor as well as outdoor stairlift wheelchair.

It is a complete bang for the buck as it performs six functions which not every wheelchair can do like it can be used as a stair climbing Power Wheelchair, a mobility scooter, a Stretcher, a stairclimber as well a manual wheelchair if need be.

It weighs about 46kg and can carry up to 500 pounds.

In addition, it comes with a backrest and headrest cushion, an extra charger, and a 26AH high-powered lithium battery.

It is very easy to load this stairlift into any vehicle for transportation or storage purposes.

Once fully charged the battery can power up to 45 stories or 800 steps and a nonstop 20-25km journey on the road.

The Fabio Stairlift requires two people including the user when climbing up and downstairs, the person helping needs to click on the button of “up” or “down” from behind the chair.

 All in one it is a powered stairclimber and mobility solution for persons with special needs like cerebral palsy, autism, or other conditions. This chair will definitely optimize independence, mobility, comfort, and safety in the home, at school, or anywhere.

  • Very lightweight
  • High powered
  • Long nonstop usually
  • Can carry up to 500 pounds
  • Outstanding Customer Service and Warranty
  • Excellent durability and reliability.
  • Needs assistance for movement along the stair

What Is A Stair Climbing Wheelchair?

What Is A Stair Climbing Wheelchair

It is a mobility assist device that is designed to help people with disabilities or mobility problems to get up the staircase with little or no assistance.

They are of different types one is manual stair climbing wheelchair and the other is automatic stair climbers.

In this article, we will be focusing on the manual one more. Stair climbers unlike any traditional manual wheelchairs, are powered electronically and can be operated in areas that have a motion barrier like the staircases.

As people age, we start to lose mobility, and climbing stairs becomes difficult especially if some disability conditions emerge.

This is where stair climbers come in, it help its user by providing independence by helping them move up and down the stairs easily. Just like a wheelchair ramp help one to slide up the house, wheelchair climbers help by moving users through portable stairs.

Difference Between Manual Stair Climbing Wheelchair and Self Controlled Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Difference Between Manual Stair Climbing Wheelchair and Electric Stair Climbing Wheelchair

The manual stair climbing wheelchairs mainly has a seat, with a lifting mechanism, a power generating source that is operated by hand.

Mainly one has to help the user move up and down the stairs with this kind of wheelchair. They are usually cheap in price if compared to the self-propelling one.

Whereas the electric stair chair or self-controlled stair climbing wheelchairs use an electric system to lift and propel the user and the wheelchair through staircase ramps. They are a little costlier in price as the whole stair setup is done in this case.

However, both kinds of chair for staircase has the same role that helps its user with easy and comfortable wheelchair stairlifts.

Must-Have Features In A Stair Climbing Wheelchair?

Here are some of the important features that one should look for when getting his/her first wheelchair stair climber.

Must-Have Features In A Stair Climbing Wheelchair

#1 Safety

This is the first and probably the most important thing that comes to your mind about the stair climbing wheelchair. People always question the safety of the stair climber and it is necessary too.

But you would be amazed to know that the first stair climbing wheelchair was invented in 1962 by a person named Ernesto Blanco and we have come a long way since then.

So you need not worry about the safety of the wheelchair just choose the one that meets all your requirement and gives you the most comfort.

Still, these are some of the things you should look for in a stair climbing wheelchair- straps, buckles, seatbelts, buckles, and a mechanism to hold the bodyweight firm when in an inclined position.

#2 Battery

Most of the wheelchairs mentioned in this list have good battery systems. Still, you should look for a chair whose battery should be able to retain power for a long period of time or move at least 45 stories or 800 steps in one go.

#3 Multi-surface use

An ideal stair climber should be able to work in various types of staircases/surfaces. It should not require any additional fixtures to work on any particular surface, the lift mechanism should be able to adapt itself as per the surface it is being used on.

#4 Comfort

Next on the list is comfort, the stair climber should come with an attached backrest and headrest.

It should also have an adjustable backrest, padded seats, a foldable footrest, and armrests as the user is likely to seat on it for a longer period of time. In addition, the controls should also be easy to use for both the user and the assistance.

#5 Emergency Braking

Emergency braking is a must. The emergency braking system should not require electricity to work and should be easily assessable.

#6 Easy storage

The wheelchair should be easy to fold and unfold and should take less space once folded. On top, it should be easy to assemble and disassemble if needed.

How much should a Stair climber cost?

The stair climbing wheelchair price depends on the features they provide. If you are only looking for a stair chair to help you up and down the stairs then you can get it within $1000.

But if you are looking for a complete wheelchair that can be used for day-to-day purposes on top of help you move along the stair then you will need a high-end mobility device that can range from $2000 to $5000.

How to use the Electronic Stair Climbing Wheelchair

To use an electric stair climbing wheelchair all you need to do is unbuckle the seatbelt attached, then fold the seat down as per your height requirement, the wheelchair will probably lock in itself automatically.

Be sure that the chair is fully charged as you don’t want it to stop in middle, still if by chance it stops due to any difficulty you will have automatic brakes which will be easily assessable. So no one has to worry about safety.

Next be sure you are safely seated on the wheelchair, strapped in with the help of the safety belt, and your feet resting on the footrest of the wheelchair.

At the start make sure to keep the wheelchair a few inches away from the bottom-most staircase. Push the handle/ button provided as per your intended movement(UP/down).

Note- To use the wheelchair on stairs, one needs an assistant and cannot be used by oneself only.

Watch This Video To Understand How You Can Use A Stair Climbing Wheelchair.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. How much do stair climbing wheelchairs cost?

The prices range for a stair climbing wheelchair mainly starts from $500 and can go up to as high as $5000 as per the features provided by the wheelchair.

Q2. Where can I buy a suitable stair climbing wheelchair?

You can find all types of stair climbing wheelchairs in Amazon itself. Why bother buying from a different website when you can get fast delivery and easy return of wheelchairs from Amazon.

Q3. What are the different types of stair climbing wheelchairs?

There are mainly two types of stair climbing wheelchairs: Fully manual stair climbing wheelchairs and Electric stair climbing wheelchairs.

Q4. What to look for when buying a stair climbing wheelchair?

Some of the basic things to look for in a stair climbing wheelchair are Emergency brakes, seatbelt, head and backrest, powerful battery, and adjustable wheels.

Q5. How much weight can a stair climbing wheelchair tolerate

A stair climbing wheelchair can carry weight from 50lbs up to 400lbs.

The Bottom Line

We hope that This Ultimate Guide on Stair Climbing Wheelchair answers all your queries regarding this topic. We tried to be as detailed as we could by mentioning the different types of stair climbing wheelchairs and also what are the best stair climbing wheelchairs one can get as per their need be it in any category- Electric, portable and manual.