[Stand-Up Wheelchair Reviews]:9 Best Standing Wheelchair For You

Read this Ultimate Standing Wheelchair Reviews and Find out the Best Standing Wheelchair For You.

After a lot of research and comparisons, we are convinced that the Draco Standing Power Wheelchair is the Best Standing Wheelchair one can get.

But as there is no one best product that meets everyone’s requirements, everyone has different needs and wants.

Thus we have also mentioned some of the other best standing motorized wheelchair different categories be it upright wheelchair, standing manual wheelchair, elevating wheelchair, or the power standing wheelchair, we got you all.

We have also written a blog on How Does A Standing Wheelchair Work? which you might also like.

 So without further ado, we present you the Best standing wheelchair reviews.

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List Of 11 Best Standing Wheelchairs:

#1. Draco Standing Power Wheelchair Fully Reclining Electric Stand-up Motorized Wheelchair

This first on the list is from the Brand wheelchair88. The Draco power wheelchair is a full-function standing chair that allows you with every kind of movement be it standing, sitting, reclining, and laying down in a comfortable position.

The footrest, armrest, and backrest are made in a way that it moves in a coordinated way to provide utmost comfort to its user while changing from sitting to standing position.

With the help of this wheelchair, the user doesn’t have to be transferred to any other place to rest or need any extra assistance from someone.

The Maximum speed of the wheelchair is 8 km/hr and can Travels up to 30 km nonstop once fully charged. Equipped with Dynamic easy to understand LED graphic display Controller for easy control.

While changing the position the speed of the wheelchair automatically for extra safety. Unlike any other wheelchair this wheelchair has 8 wheels to provide excellent stability especially during standing and lay down position. During night time one can activate the energy-saving LED lights.

The chair is equipped with spring suspension for shock absorption and extra comfort while operating on rough surfaces. For comfortable standing up the footrest is angle adjustable which makes the wheelchair stand up in stages and in a slow manner.

This is one of the best standing wheelchair you can get as the brand wheelchair88 are known for its quality wheelchairs and the customer service. They are often compared with the, The standing Company because of the quality service they provide.

  • 8 wheels for great stability at all positions
  • Motorized wheels locate in the center to ensure tight turning radius.
  • Adjustable headrest for extra comfort
  • H-shaped safety harness chest and waist safety belt
  • Adjustable leg length and seat depth to fit users with different height.
  • Speed of the wheelchair is 5km/hour which might be a little slow.

#2. Karman Xo202 Full Power Stand Up Chair

The XO-202 series from the Brand Karman Healthcare is one of the most cost-effective chair that helps you stand up.

Just like any other power wheelchair, the XO series standing chair allows its users to drive the chair up to a maximum speed of 5 mph, as well as help them stand comfortably straight and at the same time let them drive while in the standing position.

The XO-202 stand-up wheelchair offers many health benefits like better blood circulation, kidney, and bladder functioning, as well as better muscle tone.

It comes with an easy-to-use joystick, a Flip-back Padded Armrests, and a Shark II Controller for easy access to all its functions.

The Backrest Height is adjustable Allowing its user to adjust the height of the backrest as per the requirement.

A comfortable Seat Cushion is pre-installed with this wheelchair which is made up of  Breathable Nylon Upholstery material.  It also has a special mode known as the dynamic Sit to Stand Mode: which allows its user to dynamically position the chair in any angle they prefer.

The wheelchairs made by Karman are some of the best standing wheelchair one can get, they as also compared with the permobil standing wheelchair because of the quality of wheelchairs they provide its users.

  • Easy to Use Joystick
  • Adjustable Backrest Height
  • Special Dynamic Sit to Stand Mode
  • Drive mode available while in standing position
  • Very rarely available, as they are sold out fast

#3. Karman XO-505 Fully Reclining Power Wheelchair

Next on the list is also from the brand Karman.

Karman Healthcare has been a leading innovator in the manufacture and distribution of home medical products like the wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, power wheelchairs, scooters, stand-up wheelchairs, oxygen regulators, and bathroom safety products since 1994.

The model XO-505 Power Standing Wheelchair is one of the most cost-effective Standing Wheelchair one can get.

This wheelchair was manufactured and designed after the huge success of the XO-202 series.

With all the feedback from the old series kept in mind and keeping all the liked features intact, this wheelchair is one of the most advanced and comfortable standing wheelchairs one can buy.

With multiple power features like the Power Drive, Power Stand, Power Recline, Power Elevating Legrest, and the Mid-Wheel Power Base this wheelchair is a complete bang for your buck.

As per the features this wheelchair provides, there are plenty of it, be it the Advanced Power Standing feature which helps the wheelchair sit to stand in under 15 seconds and the standing function can be stopped at any desired angle which the user finds most comforting.

It also has an advanced Power Recline and Power Legrest feature which helps the user Independently control the reclining back and Power elevating leg rest helps its user with specific comfort and requirements for optimal seating and pressure absorption.

The LCD Joystick Screen present in the wheelchair is very user-friendly and helps with the controls of all the functions within the tip of a finger, some of the features the joysticks help with are: easy scroll through driving speed, function selection, and the drive control.

Last but not least it has Independent Suspension Rear Shock Absorbers, which adds comfort for daily use, both indoor and outdoor.

  • Helps with a near 180 degree resting position
  • The 2 shoulder harnesses are secured to the backrest.
  • Utmost pressure relief, comfort, and benefits of evenly distributed weight
  • Can easily stand users up to 250 pounds, witin 14 seconds
  • There are no canes on the back for a person to hold on to in order to power the chair

#4. FC-LY Standing Power Wheelchair

Fourth on the list is this Power-Standing Wheelchair from the Brand FC-LY.

This beautiful-looking wheelchair helps with frequent standing in proper posture, which further can help with improved health of wheelchair users.

For the device to help someone stand up it has a proprietary user-controlled stand-up & sit-down mechanism that allows its user to stand or sit at their own pace and control to provide utmost comfort.

It comes with an adjustable leg length, seat depth & footrest so that it suits everyone using it.

When it comes to the material, this wheelchair is made of it has high-quality aluminum alloy made parts and is made with high precision workmanship to meet the highest safety & durability standard.

For easy transport, this wheelchair’s backrest can be easily folded and can fit in a car trunk after detaching the wheels.

All the controls can be performed with the help of a Smart joystick controller. As per the standing height, it can stand vertically up to 180-190CM straight. The Brake system installed in the wheelchair is an Electronic brake and electromagnetic brake for extra safety.

Last but not least the top speed of the wheelchair is equal to 8KM/H.

  • Adjustable leg length
  • Made with high quality aluminium alloy
  • Foldable backrest
  • Advanced Electronic and electromagnetic brake
  • Charging time to fully charge this wheelchair is between 5-8 hours, which is a lot.

#5. FC-LY Recline Back Electric Power Standing Up Wheelchair

Another one on the list from the Brand FC-LY is this Standing Machine for Disabled.

This wheelchair has a lot of names because of all the different functions it performs.

But the most famous ones are the Omnipotent Aid Chair, a Dining power wheelchair, and a snap bed. With the help of this standing wheelchair, a paraplegia patient can stand up, lie down, sit comfortably, adjust the leg support, and move and use the toilet by themselves.

The user can stretch his or her body and joint, which strengthens cardio-pulmonary function and prevent bedsore. This wheelchair also has a PG controller, a Suoyang motor, and a Chaowei acid-lead battery.

Some of the other features this wheelchair has are: the Maximum speed is 6Km/H, with a Max Loading weight of 150kg, it can climb slope easily at a degree of up to 12°.

The Brake System installed in this wheelchair is an electromagnetic brake. Once this chair is fully charged it can drive up to a distance of 50 km non-stop, which is great.

It also comes with 18inch high-quality tiers which can be operated on any type of surface easily.

  • Great Leg support
  • Has a PG control joystick
  • Comes with adjustable joystick holder
  • Soft PU seat cushion
  • 18 inch quality tiers
  • LED lamp humanized design
  • Time taken to charged fully is 8-10Hours.

#6. FC-LY Automatic Standing Wheelchair

Next on the list is this Custom Power Chair from FC-LY. This wheelchair can be used by anyone be it anyone Disabled, Elder person, someone with Lower Limb Disability or Hemiplegia, or even Paraplegia.

The Armrests of this custom standing chair can be lifted easily for its user to move closer to the table and transfer easily

.This wheelchair so comes with a detachable and washable seat and back Cover, Which is great to maintain Personal Hygiene. The Joystick Control installed can help its user with adjustable Speed, and Horn Button.

Control of this wheelchair can Be changed to either side be it left or right depending on the User’s preference.

This manual standing wheelchair comes with two modes: Manual Mode and the Electric Mode. You can switch to anyone anytime as per the requirement.

Like for example if the battery is about to die you can change the mode for manual usage and use it with someone’s assistance easily.

In addition, it has a Double Protective feature so that this foldable electric wheelchair with an electronic tilt system does not slip backward.

When the Electric State of this chair Increases, the Joystick is Released automatically, and the engine goes into Lock-Up Mode which prevents it from slipping.

The Adjustable Backrest can be adjusted to an angle of the backrest and footrest as per the need of its user.  

Last but not least it can be used in types of surfaces be it Roads of Grass, Slopes, Bricks, Muddy, or even Snow.

The FC-LY is also one of the top brands that make one of the best standing wheelchair and they are often compared with the wheelchairs like the everest and jennings wheelchair because of the top quality product they provide.

  • Comes with Automatic Electromagnetic Brake
  • Double Protective feature: Prevents slipping
  • Anti-Tipping System for extra safety
  • Can carry load of only 120Kg

#7. Leo II (The Lightest Standing Wheelchair in The World)

Seventh on the list, as the name suggests is this very lightweight standing wheelchair from the Brand-Wheelchair88.

This wheelchair is so stylish, lightweight, and user-friendly, and also the lightest standing wheelchair in the world.

If you are someone who would love to stand up by yourself and stretch your body now and then while using your manual wheelchair then is wheelchair is for you.

This custom electric wheelchair normally takes about 3 weeks for preparing the unit as per the company. Some of the features this wheelchair comes with are:

Proprietary user-controlled stand-up & sit-down mechanisms help its user control the wheelchair by the unique hydraulic system. Quick-release rear and front caster wheels attached for easy handling and storage during travel.

The Total operational weight of this chair is just 26 kg (57 lbs) and can be reduced to 21 kg (46 lbs) after detaching the wheels. An angle-adjustable footrest attached helps stretch your calf muscles while sitting or standing.

All the parts are adjustable be it the Seat depth, backrest, or footrest height which can fit different body sizes of different people. For better riding comfort over rough surfaces, it has a Polyurethane rear wheel suspension.

Also, it comes with adjustable anti-tilt support. The material used in this wheelchair is aluminum alloy which makes it stylish and durable at the same time.

As per the price to features ratio, this is one of the best standing wheelchair one can get. They are also called helium standing wheelchair because it being so lightweight.

  • Total operational weight is only 27 kg (59 lbs)
  • Quick release front and rear wheels
  • Foldable backrest for easy transport
  • Adjustable leg length and seat depth
  • None

#8. FC-LY Electric Standing Wheelchairs (Best Wheelchairs For Paraplegics)

Next on the list is this stand up wheel chair, which is also the best wheelchair for paraplegic.

This wheelchair is known for providing comfort on all types of surfaces. Anyone is able to operate this motorized wheelchair in the grass, gravel, or even snow.

It has a special feature of Shock absorption which is for a comfortable ride, and the sharp turning radius of this chair is very smooth. It is water-resistant has great performance and is also very durable for better long-service life.

This wheelchair is very lightweight and folds up easily when need. The cushions attached to the chair provide great comfort and can be easily removed along with the padded backrest. It also has a Calf support strap and heel straps.

This ultra-lightweight aluminum chair was developed with all the features of the law range wheelchair with an additional focus on design.

The handbrakes are great when used same as the locking parking brakes. The Quick release rear wheels make this wheelchair much lighter and easier to fit in a car’s trunk. The tires are solid and puncture-proof.

Made with full aluminum alloy this is one of the most Economic low-cost standing wheelchairs one can get. It comes with Polymer Li-ion battery packs and 2 units of powerful 200W motors.

Soft-touch fabric side panels of this standing wheelchair improve the comfort for its users while the rear of the seat contains a handy rear pocket for storing items.

The padded full-length armrests are very durable and the foot lever helps assist with getting up easily.

  • Fully electronic folding and unfolding in 1 seconds
  • Comes with two tone upholstery with rear pocket
  • Height adjustment half folding back mechanism
  • Self propel model with long reach brakes
  • Quick release footrests and rear wheels
  • Comes with only one color

#9. FC-LY Electric Heavy Weight Standing Wheelchair (Load Capacity 330Lbs)

This Heavy-Duty Power Standing Wheelchair is one of the most strongly build and durable wheelchairs one can get.

With the help of this standing wheelchair, and a disabled person or a paraplegia patient can stand up, lie down, sit, extend their legs, move and use the toilet by themselves, without any assistance from anyone else.

It also has an adjustable leg length and seat depth to properly fit users with different height range. It helps the users to stretch their body and joints, which strengthens cardio-pulmonary function and helps prevent bedsores.

The PG controller joystick is very user-friendly, just like any other FC-LY wheelchair, you can control all functions with a movement of a finger, for example, you can easily scroll through driving speed, function selection, and drive control just by a single press of a button.

The weight carrying capacity of this wheelchair is 150kg with a driving distance of 50km nonstop, once fully charged.

  • High power battery.
  • Comfortable leg support.
  • Detachable dinner table.
  • LED lights attatched
  • Easy operating joystick.
  • 18‘’ big front wheels.
  • Fully automatic electromagnetic Brake system
  • Net weight of this wheelchair is 125kg which can be a little heavy

Benefits or Advantages of using a Standing Wheelchair

best manual standing wheelchair

There are a lot of health benefits of using a standing wheelchair like better digestion, easier bowel movements, better circulation throughout the body, increased heart and lung capacity, stretching of body parts, reduced muscle spasms and bedsores.

Along with all the health benefits, you will feel increased independence and a better sense of self-control in everything. You will need any extra assistance for taking your afternoon nap, with the help of a standing wheelchair you will be able to rest whenever you want with a push of a button.

To know more about how exactly standing wheelchairs are built read this material.

Important Features To Look For In Best Power Standing Wheelchairs (Buyer’s Guide)

best stand up wheelchair

You must have consulted your doctor or an expert before deciding to get the best standing wheelchair, which would make your life easy, if not then please first contact your doctor and know everything about a power standing wheelchair.

If you have already done that and are on the verge to buy your first wheelchair that helps you stand up. Then this buyer’s guide on standing wheelchairs will definitely help you.


Most wheelchairs have to support weight throughout the day, a durable wheelchair should be able to help you in a long runway better than a low-quality wheelchair.

Wheelchairs made of aluminum alloy are one of the best durable wheelchairs of all time. Stainless metal alloy-made frames are also a good alternative when it comes to a strong durable wheelchair.

Load Bearing Capacity

Most of the wheelchairs come with a weight holding capacity of around 200-250pounds. But if you are someone over that then a heavy-duty solid power standing wheelchair will be best for you. You can also get a custom-made power chair as per your weight and height.

Almost all of the manufacturers nowadays make custom standing wheelchairs as per people’s needs. Wheelchairs should be able to distribute the weight evenly throughout the chair once the standing-up wheelchair is at work.


Get a standing wheelchair that can last for at least 4-5hours when in use. If you use your chair to travel to places like offices, local store locations then a good battery-backed-up wheelchair should be your priority. A Battery Capacity of 38Ah and above is a great choice.

Smooth Incline

All the standing wheelchairs come with a 180-degree incline. But some may be of less, but it’s not a thing to worry about as they are made after a lot of testing, keeping in mind the safety of its user. So just look for an incline option in a wheelchair, which is smooth and takes its time to be inclined.

User-Friendly settings

The joystick and all the controls should be easy to operate for its user. The manual that comes with the wheelchair should be very easy to understand. Also, all the important functions like incline, up, and down of the wheelchair should be present in the tip of its user.

Hand Control

For some people, their hand controls are restricted. Find a wheelchair that suits you like you might like the push-button controller more than a joystick, search for the wheelchair that works smoothly for you.

Most of the wheelchairs come with interchangeable controls or joystick, through which you can change the position of the joystick from left to right and wise versa, as per your comfort.

Easy Portability

Easy Portability is also an important feature to look out for when getting a wheelchair that stands up.

Many power-standing wheelchairs have restricted movement when it comes to portability as they do not fold down easily. And if you are someone who likes to travel on wheelchair, then this feature can be a deal-breaker.

Also if you have to make trips to a place like a hospital, and you will need to keep it in the trunk of your car. In this case, a foldable stair climbing wheelchair will be your best partner.


A wheelchair with a lot of adjustable parts is the best standing wheelchair one can get. For example, a wheelchair should have an adjustable footrest, headrests, seat depth, leg length, armrest length, back height, and even adjustable length of the back.

Look for as many as adjustable parts you can get in a wheelchair to make your usage more comfortable.

Leg Support

When in the standing position, you will need different levels of support. Most of the wheelchairs have straps for this. There should be a leg belt or strap for extra safety.


The footrest should be adjustable and removable, when not in use, or when it needs to be transferred.


This is a must, a wheelchair should have the best wheelchair cushion attached to it. Most of them come with a pre-installed cushion still find the one which suits your back. Also, check if the headrest is padded or not.


Most manufacturers have almost the same amount of warranty, still, look for a wheelchair with has an option of extended warranty.

Stand Up Wheelchair Cost

A stand-up wheelchair price can be very expensive, but still, there are a lot of options now a day like a lightweight standing wheelchair which is of very less price when compared with a power-standing wheelchair.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. What is a Standing Wheelchair?

A standing wheelchair is a device that helps the wheelchair user change the position of the wheelchair as per their needs. With the help of a standing wheelchair, the user can stand, lie down, sit as well as move while standing up.

Q2. How to measure a Person for a Standing Wheelchair?

First, measure the back height by measuring the length from the bottom of the buttocks up to the collarbone in a vertical manner. Then measure or compare the back seat height from the ground to the topmost edge of the seat. The rear seat-to-floor height should be at least equal to the front seat-to-floor height.

Q3. How long do you stand in a Standing Wheelchair?

It is advisable to not stand more than 30 to 60 minutes a day and that too in one go. Know what your body wants and act accordingly. If you feel like stretching a bit then stand and stretch but with someone’s assistance.

Q4. How much does a Standing Wheelchair Cost?

A standing wheelchair can cost anywhere between a range of $3000-$15000 depending on the quality of the wheelchair and the features it provides.

The Bottom Line

We hope that with the help of this Ultimate Review on Standing Wheelchairs and the list of Best Standing Wheelchair, we have helped you understand all you need to know about both the Manual Standing wheelchair and the Electric Standing Wheelchair.

Feel free to let us know how did you like our standing wheelchairs buying guide.