How To Safely Assist Wheelchair User Up and Down a Ramp?

Read How You Can Safely Assist A Wheelchair Down The Ramp.

To assist a wheelchair user up and down the ramp, one needs to know how steep the ramp is and accordingly help by slowly applying as much pressure as needed to comfortably help the wheelchair and its user down the ramp.

There are some more tips that you can follow to smooth movement throughout the ramp.

To know them please keep reading.

How To Safely Assist Wheelchair User Up and Down a Ramp

Tips For Easy Movement Along The Wheelchair Ramp:

Tips For Easy Movement Along The Wheelchair Ramp
  1. Choose the right Handlebars with a firm grip
  2. The material used in the handlebar should be comfortable
  3. Multi-purpose Handlebars that lets you push with one hand also
  4. A rigid frame is preferable for easy usage
  5. Always wear seat belts
  6. Wheelchair should be lightweight
  7. Wheels should be of good quality for easy brake
  8. Multiple and easy assess brakes should be present
  9. Wheels tire should be check from time to time
  10. Damaged tires should be replaced
  11. Rear wheels should be forward-facing
  12. Seat position height should not be too high
  13. Use of good quality wheelchair gloves is advisable

How To Safely Assist A Wheelchair Up And Down The Wheelchair Ramp?

Safely Assist A Wheelchair Down The Wheelchair Ramp

We have often heard people asking,” when assisting a person using a wheelchair going down a ramp, what position should you be in?”

First of all, ask the wheelchair user, how do they want you to assist them, should you be in the front or assist the wheelchair from the back.

Most people use a manual wheelchair for mobility, and it might be rare for them to need help with ramps as they are used to not using them. However, there might be some places where a ramp is the only option to move forward like in a veterinarian’s office.

And controlling the wheelchair might not be too safe manually if you have not done it before, therefore it is best to ask for help.

According to us, the best way to assist someone down the ramp is from backward, as this way the person assisting will have a lot of balance, and therefore he/she will be able to help the wheelchair user with the most comfort.

So, always ask for help with the ramp from the backside. This way you will be easily and safely able to move up and down the.

But controlling from backward may also cause some problems like the person may not be able to see the ramp or the floor easily, in this case, if the ramp is very steep, it is advisable to be helped by having the wheelchair tipped slightly back and going down forwards-facing instead of backward-facing.

Watch This Video To See How You Can easily Assist Someone Along the Wheelchair Ramp

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you push a wheelchair down the slope?

The best way to assist a wheelchair down the slope is by handling it from backward as this way the person assisting will have the most control over himself and therefore will be able to assist the wheelchair easily.

Is it hard to push someone in a wheelchair?

It all depends on the quality and weight of the wheelchair. If the wheelchair is equipped with all the latest technology, then it will be very easy to push the wheelchair.

The Bottom Line

We hope that we are able to help you asked your question, ” “How do you safely push a wheelchair down a ramp?”

Before assisting a person with a wheelchair try to get used to assisting an empty wheelchair first. This way both the helper and the person in the wheelchair will feel safer and comfortable.

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