[Difference] Between Power Chair And Electric Wheelchair?

Clear your Misunderstanding and find the Ultimate Difference between Power Chairs & Electric Wheelchairs.

power chair vs electric wheelchair

The difference between a power chair and an electric wheelchair is that Power chairs are mobility scooters whereas Electric Wheelchairs are typical wheelchairs also known as Electric wheelchairs, electric-powered wheelchairs, and sometimes motorized wheelchairs.

This is one of the most asked and misunderstood questions about a mobility device.

People confuse Powered wheelchairs with Powerchair(mainly known as mobility scooters)

But the thing is power chairs and power wheelchairs are completely different things.

If you are still confused between both the terms. 

Let’s get into some details for you to better understand the difference between a power wheelchair and an electric wheelchair.

What is a Power Chair? ​

Power chair

A Power Chair or Mobility Scooter is a great aid for people with disabilities. It can help them become more productive, active, and independent.

All the features and mechanisms of this type of personal transport are designed to make moving more convenient and safe. 

Unlike traditional wheelchairs, the mobility scooters have three or four wheels, and steering handles that are very easy to operate.

Mobility Scooters can carry up to 300-pound users which some wheelchairs might not. It comes with a heavy-duty motor that allows a maximum speed of 4.5 miles per hour or even more.

It comes with a battery and charger and is very easy to assemble and disassemble scooter pieces.

What is Electric Wheelchair?​

electric wheelchair

An Electric Wheelchair is also known as Powered wheelchair is a machine that uses batteries to operate.

These batteries are called sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA) and come in two different forms( wet and dry cell) It mainly has an output of 4 to 5 amps.

Electric Wheelchairs can be easily recharged through any electric outlet.

So just by looking at the images above of a Power Chair(Left) and an electric wheelchair(Right) you can see the vast differences between them.

Your next question might be…

Who needs a Power Chair?​

Mobility scooters Unlike wheelchairs are more of vehicles. If you are someone who is able to walk sometimes with a little help and mainly need wheelchairs for outdoor purposes then a Mobility Chair is for you.

Who needs an Electric Wheelchair?​

If a person has a specific condition that prevents them from walking but needs to move very frequently then they should consider an electric wheelchair. Some of the conditions might be spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Far can an Electric Wheelchair go after one Time charge

Most of the latest electric wheelchairs can work non-stop for around 8 – 10 miles once fully charged.

How Far can a Power Chair go at one Time charge?

A Fully charged power wheelchair can work non stop for at least 8 hours and can cover a distance of around 10 miles,

The Bottom Line​

We hope we have helped you understand the main difference between a power chair and an electric wheelchair.

Getting a Powerchair or an Electric Wheelchair really depends on the different uses you need to perform.

Powerchairs are mostly used for mobility work, if you are someone who needs to move a lot from one place to another then a power chair is the best fit for you, and if you just need an easy supportive mobility device for your day to day activity then an electric wheelchair would also be a great fit. 

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